Luxury food and light drugs – Field One

Do you know what you are doing in your daily life to decrease your vitality, your energy and your health?

I´m sure you want to know. So let´s get started.

With this post I want to open the next category with the made-up word “Vita-Thieves”. This word came up in my mind to describe processes which are “stealing” vitamins and minerals from us. Therefore, we are losing vitality.

I wanted to start this category with a series of four articles describing typical vita-thieves.

Four typical fields in which we can divide vita-thieves:

  • Field One – Luxury foods and light drugs
  • Field Two – Foods and drinks which are vita-thieves
  • Field Three – Medicine
  • Field Four – Stress and overambitious sport

Field One – Luxury foods and light drugs

Beginning with the first of four typical areas which can be proclaimed as vita-thieves there are luxury foods and light drugs.

In this area we can find coffee/Tea, alcohol and cigarettes.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee is a common luxury food in our society. Most people like the smell of fresh brewed coffee. And furthermore it is an easy way for many of us to boost our metabolism and our awakeness. For the majority in the morning or after lunch and for some it is a pleasure in the evening or even later. Have a look at your consumption and maybe try to sometimes change to tea. And know that caffeine just as theine can affect the resorption of vitamin B1 together with the minerals calcium and magnesium. Therefore, it is useful not to be enjoyed in combination with food.


We all know our might know the effects of alcohol on ourselves. Some people are losing their inhibitions and are talking like a waterfall and some people get more aggressive. Others get vertigo, nausea and a headache sometimes really fast. It depends on whether you are a woman or a man, your physique and how much you weigh. But we all come to a point where we recognize the toxicity of alcohol as a neurotoxin. In a bigger quantity alcohol is also poisonous to the liver and affects especially the B-vitamin-complex, vitamin A and C as well as the minerals magnesium and zinc. So be sure to know your limit.


The next candidate of light drugs is cigarettes. You all know when the light, stinky steam rises into your nose and you find yourself saying to yourself that this is quite normal. That smokers are social people and that they know how to relax themselves. Actually the nicotine which you are inhaling through the smoke is a neurotoxin. If you are a smoker you probably say, but I feel better when I smoke. That is only caused by the habituation to nicotine. Look back at the moment when you consumed your first cigarette and how you felt. I bet not good. And moreover nicotine is literally stealing the vitamins C, B2, B6, B9 and B12.

I think that is enough for today. Make sure to overthink your consumption of luxury foods and light drugs. And tell me in the comments below which of the luxury foods or the light drugs are affecting you the most. Which other luxury foods or light drugs do you know or want to know how it affects your health and vitality.

See you at the next article about foods and drinks which are vita-thieves.

– Live healthy, stay healthy.



Sam V

Great article! I have to admit that I’m a smoker and a regular beer drinker. I’m from Belgium ;), we say water is for people that can’t wait until it has become beer! I guess some Germans may have the same opinion.
Seriously, your content makes me thinking about my bad habits! A complete stop is probably not for tomorrow but having one smoke less a day is worth trying. Keep us posted!


Thank you Sam for your comment.
When I am bringing you to overthink your bad habits
I know that I´m doing the right job.
Do change in your personal tempo and keep in mind that the dose makes the poison.


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