The Best Vitamin for Energy and Growth – Vitamin B2, The Bundle of Energy

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The third vitamin in our row is the second vitamin in the vitamin B complex. It is The Best Vitamin for Energy and Growth – Vitamin B2, The Bundle of Energy. In this blog post, you will learn what makes vitamin B2 so important for us, what it is, what the demand is, where you can get it from, what deficiency and overdose symptoms exist and what else might be interesting for you.

Why is Vitamin B2 so important for all bundles of energy?bundle of energy

Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin, is irreplaceable in our energy, fat and protein metabolism. It is there to provide you with the energy, which is bound to carbohydrates like glucose and fat like plant oil. Fat is the most important energy storage in our body. Therefore, vitamin B2 is the best vitamin to help to break down fat to energy.

Besides, vitamin B2 is a building block for many proteins, which work as coenzymes. Therefore, it plays an important role in growth processes, for example, to form muscles. In common parlance, it is sometimes called the “growth vitamin”.

You want to make use of the energy stored in carbohydrates, fat and proteins or you want to reduce your fat reserves? Make sure to have a proper quantity of vitamin B2.


What is Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is the second vitamin of the essential vitamins in the vitamin-b-complex, which we have to get through our nutrition.

It is a water-soluble compound, which actually is not so easy been solved in water. It is also called riboflavin, which originated from “ribo”, which stands for the sugar alcohol ribit(ol) (the reduced form of ribose) and the latin word “flavus”, which means yellow (riboflavin is yellow in it´s oxidated state).

Vitamin B2 is light-sensitive but heat and oxidation-stable.


What is the demand of Vitamin B2?

Depending on the age, health and lifestyle the daily demand for an average and healthy adult for the essential vitamin B2 is

1000 – 1200 micrograms (μg) per day.


Where can you get Vitamin B2 from (Top 5 foods)?

Whole grain is an ideal source of vitamin B2, just as it is for vitamin B1. As it is light-sensitive, it is recommended to place vitamin B2 rich foods at a dark place.

Here are the Top 5 foods, which are rich in vitamin B2:


1. Yeast flakes (up to 2.600 μg/100g)

2. Almonds and other nuts (up to 700 μg/100g)

3. Soft cheese like camembert and hard cheese (up to 600 μg/100g)

4. Mushrooms (up to 400 μg/100g)

5. Eggs (up to 300 μg/100g)

Tip: Brewers yeast is an overall good source of the vitamins in vitamin B complex, which includes vitamin B2. Other good plant sources of vitamin B2 are spirulina (up to 300 μg/4g), spinach (up to 200 μg/100g) oat flakes and peas (up to 150 μg/100g).


What are the functions and benefits of Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 has several functions in addition to support the energy metabolism, to give us all the energy we need and growth processes like the formation of muscles. It helps the immune system and the nerve system, as it participates in building immune and nerve cells. Furthermore, it makes proteins available for the eye lens. Vitamin B2 assists vitamin B3 and B6 to work properly.


What deficiency symptoms of Vitamin B2 exist?

A hypovitaminosis of vitamin B2 is normally seldom. Some risk groups are women, who are taking the pill, aged people and humans with diseases like an inflammatory intestinal disease, diabetes and chronic heart diseases. The symptoms can be as followed:

  • cracked lips and inflammations in the oral area
  • skin diseases like eczemas
  • red eyes, who react sensitively to bright light


What overdose symptoms of Vitamin B2 exist?

A hypervitaminosis of vitamin B2 is not known, as a surplus can be easily excreted, mostly through our urine.


What else may you have to consider about Vitamin B2? 

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin was first isolated and discovered in 1920.
almondsVitamin B2 can be stored for 2 – 6 weeks in our body, mainly in the liver.

Fun Fact: You want to pee yellower than ever before? Just take the right amount of riboflavin. Even until 100 mg, which equals       100.000 μg (about a 100 times more than needed), it seems to be save for oral use.



Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin, is an important essential vitamin for a proper function in providing us with high amounts of energy and for growth processes like building muscles.  Yeast, whole grains, nuts and cheese are good sources for your daily amount of vitamin B2.

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