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Why Do You Need Vitamin B7? – Biotin for Skin, Nails and Hair


Vitamin B7 is another essential player in the vitamin b-complex-family. Like other vitamins of the vitamin B complex, it also plays an important role in our metabolism. Now we are having a closer look on biotin, which is the known name for vitamin B7. And we will find an answer to the question “Why Do You Need Vitamin B7? – Biotin for Skin, Nails and Hair”.

Why do You need Biotin for Your Skin, Nails and Hair?nails and hair

If you want to have a healthy skin, strong and even finger- and toenails and powerful, shiny hair, there will be no way around biotin.

As vitamin B7 is essential in the protein metabolism, it helps to build cells for a healthy skin and a good quality and appearance of the finger- and toenails. It supports a smooth surface and rigidness of the nails. Moreover, biotin is one of the most important coenzymes in the hair metabolism. It is responsible for a healthy hair growth with robust, stable and bright hair.

So vitamin B7 or biotin is not only interesting for women and men, looking for a good outer appearance, but for everyone, who is looking for a healthy and vital personality. This is because biotin boosts your visual appearance from within by supporting your metabolism.


What is Vitamin B7?

Vitamin B7 is the sixth vitamin of the essential vitamins in the vitamin-b-complex, which we have to get through our nutrition.

It is water-soluble, resistant to oxidation and heat. It is also known as biotin.


What is the demand of Vitamin B7?

Depending on the age, health and lifestyle the daily demand for an average and healthy adult for the essential vitamin B7 is

50 micrograms (μg) per day.


Where can you get Vitamin B7 from (Top foods)?

egg yellow Here are the Top foods, which are rich in vitamin B7:

1. Egg yellow (up to 50 μg/100g)

2. Peanuts and other nuts (up to 40 μg/100g)

3. Oat flakes (up to 20 μg/100g)

4. Herring (up to 10 μg/100g)

5. Mushrooms, banana and spinach (up to 5 μg/100g)peanuts

Tip: Brewers yeast is an overall good source of the vitamins in vitamin B complex, which includes vitamin B7 (up to 200 μg/100g).

Tip 2: The egg yellow contains high amounts of vitamin B7, but the egg white has the ability to decrease the absorption of biotin in the gut. So an option would be to separate egg yellow and egg white and only consume the egg yellow.


What are the functions and benefits of Vitamin B7?

Vitamin B7 is an important and essential player in our protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Of remarkable significance is its function as a coenzyme. In this form, it supports enzymes in their task to supply and store energy and to convert amino acids, which are the components of proteins. They can work as neurotransmitters in the nerve system and they build body structures, such as muscles, skin, nails and hair.

As we already know, vitamin B7 or biotin helps our body to form a healthy skin, strong nails and bright hair.
It is also able to convert proteins and fats into carbohydrates, which are a supply for our energy metabolism. So, for example it helps our nerves and muscles to function properly.

Another very important task of biotin is the transformation of the DNA, which means that biotin is able to support the expression of genes. That is known for over 2000 genes.

Furthermore, biotin builds a special recycling mechanism in our body. It is stored by being bound to proteins, which can release biotin when they are degraded.


What deficiency symptoms of Vitamin B7 exist?

A hypovitaminosis of vitamin B7 is normally seldom, as it takes a long time of a lack to take effect. Some risk groups are people who have gut disorders, pregnant women, people, who are taking anticonvulsants or have a genetic preposition. The symptoms can be as followed:

  • hair loss, dry nails and skin problems
  • muscle pain
  • psychological disorders


What overdose symptoms of Vitamin B7 exist?

A hypervitaminosis of vitamin B7 is not known, as surplus vitamin B7 is excreted through the urine. Constant high amounts over 180 μg per day are a limit, but the research has shown that up to 10 mg there aren´t any noticeable side effects.


What else may you have to consider about Vitamin B7? 

Sometimes vitamin B7 and vitamin B8 are mixed up. Actually, vitamin B8, or adenyl acid (adenosine monophosphate) isn´t a vitamin but was thought to be a vitamin, when discovered and later to be found out, that it isn´t. Vitamin B7 or biotin can skinclearly be separated from adenosine monophosphate.
Another used name for vitamin B7 is vitamin H, which comes from the German words “Haut/Haar” (skin/hair).

Biotin helps with skin diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis and other eczemas.

Vitamin B7 is absorbed in the gut through the so-called “SMVT”-channels, which stands for sodium multivitamin transporter.

Vitamin B7 was first discovered in 1898 as vitamin H and in 1901 it was found out that a watery solution contains a substance, which promotes the growth of yeast. In 1943 the first synthetic vitamin B7 was produced.

The word biotin comes from the Greek word “biote + in”, which means life or way of life.



Vitamin B7, also called biotin, is an important essential vitamin for a proper function in the enzyme metabolism in providing us with high amounts of energy out of protein, fat and carbohydrates and it helps to promote a healthy skin, strong nails and shiny hair. Yeast, seeds, nuts, oat and egg yellow are good sources for your daily amount of vitamin B7.

What is your opinion on this topic? What was interesting here for you? What else do you know about biotin? Let us know in the comments.

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