How medicine influences your vitamin level

Welcome to a new blog post in the category of vita-thieves.

In the first post of this category I presented an overview of 4 typical fields, in which vita-thieves can be divided:

Now we are switching to field three. And I am not telling you to put your medicine down immediately. In some cases medicine is necessary and there is no real alternative. But that is only the case in a very very few circumstances. In all the other cases I will suggest you to inform yourself about possible alternatives and try them for yourself if you are convinced. And the next time you visit your doctor and he prescribes medicine for you, then ask him which vital nutrients are affected by being depleted. Maybe your doctor doesn´t even know the answer. In this case, it lies in your responsibility to take your health into your hands and inform yourself. Your health lies 100% in your responsibility.

Today the main part of the article reveals the top ten possible harming drugs and their possible healthier alternatives and it is structured like this:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Diuretics
  3. Blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering drugs
  4. Analgesics
  5. Antacids
  6. Corticosteroids
  7. Oral contraceptives
  8. Psychotropic drugs
  9. Cytostatics
  10. Lipid reducers, laxatives and slimming pills

So let´s get started.

1. Antibiotics


Antibiotics (Greek for ἀντί- anti- „against“ and βίος bios “life”) are metabolic products of fungus and bacteria used to inhibit the growth of other microorganisms or to kill them.

In medicine, antibiotics are mostly used for serious bacterial infections. Although, they are often prescribed for colds they cannot work in most cases because colds mostly come from viruses for which antibiotics are without effect. Antibiotics only work for microorganisms with an individual metabolism, which can be a side effect of a cold. And it is important to take this medicine as long as described. Even if the illness is away you should take it in order to avoid resistant bacteria for which this antibiotic would be without effect the next time.

If you have a serious or potentially serious bacterial infection, be sure to implement the intake of new intestinal bacteria, like e. coli, yeast (Saccharomyces boulardii) and lactobacilli. And feed them with a higher amount of fiber, like whole grain products, flaxseeds and flea seeds.

You may ask why?

If you go back to the to the first paragraph of this section, you can read that antibiotics inhibits or kills bacteria in your body. And the biggest amount of bacteria in your body can be found in your gut (about 1 kg and about 10 times more cells than in your whole body). All these bacteria are also affected by antibiotics. So when you take antibiotics it takes 6 months on average to build up a healthy gut flora again.

So you shouldn´t take antibiotics impetuously, for prophylaxis if not necessary or because you have a cold and/or your doctor tells you so.


The Alternatives: It is true that a healthy lifestyle with a healthy nutrition, enough sleep and movement reduces the risk of getting bacterial infections. Moreover, we have plenty of food which has antibiotic effects and is predominantly against harmful bacteria.

There is one special recipe, which is very effective and strong, but you should try it. It really works and boosts your immune system. You can take one tablespoon a day or 5-6 if you are sick.

The ingredients that can be varied are :

  • 700 ml apple vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons of chopped fresh garlic
  • 4 tablespoons of chopped fresh onion
  • 4 tablespoons of rubbed fresh ginger
  • 2 tablespoons of rubbed fresh horseradish
  • 2 tablespoons of rubbed fresh turmeric
  • 2 chilies

You can also mix them in the mixer with cold vinegar and then place them in the fridge for weeks. If you don´t use a mixer then chop the ingredients, put them together with the vinegar in a closable glass and put them in the fridge for two weeks. Then sieve everything and you got a strong and effective antibiotic, which is anti-inflammatory, boosts blood circulation and subsides the mucous membrane.


2. Diuretics

water jet

The task of diuretics is to support the heart to excrete overdose water due to heart inefficiency.

This brings some drawbacks with it. On the one hand, it may increase the blood sugar level and therefore increases the risk for diabetes. And on the other hand, it may increase the uric acid level in the blood which may lead to problems with gout.

If you have inefficiency issues with your liver or your kidneys you should only take special loop diuretics.

The loss of water due to the intake of the medicine in addition to an increased loss of potassium should be monitored and equaled.

If you get gastrointestinal and/or neurological disorders from this drug then it is recommended to put it down fast after talking to your doctor.


The  Alternatives: Good alternatives is food which has a draining effect like watermelon, tomatoes, berries, celery, cucumber, carrots, eggplant, parsley, beetroot, salad, grapes and asparagus.


3. Blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering drugs


Blood sugar-lowering drugs like the hormone insulin have the task to reduce the sugar level in the blood by letting it flow into the cells in order to be used within the energy metabolism.

Through the intake of diabetical medicine, a decrease for the vitamins B9 and B12 is possible.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs have the task to reduce the cholesterol level (mainly LDL-cholesterol) in the blood in order to avoid surplus cholesterol to settle on top of the blood vessels and increase the risk of getting arteriosclerosis, which may lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Through the intake of cholesterol-lowering drugs the production of coenzyme Q10 decreases, which is very important in the energy metabolism.


The Alternatives: Good alternatives is food which has the potential of holding the blood sugar level low and the cholesterol level of bad cholesterol low. Excellent for a low blood sugar are flea seeds, onions, chilies, grapefruit, ginger, blueberries, cinnamon and oat and excellent for a lower level of LDL are flea seeds, flaxseeds, ginger, garlic, apple, pulses, nuts and good plant oil.


4. Analgesics

massageAnalgesics are used to reduce pain. Their range of effects is very wide. From joint pain to headaches and much more.

One of the most common analgesics uses the chemical substance acetylsalicylic acid, which often is used for headaches.

A side effect of it is a decreased resorption and an increased excretion of vitamin C, which may even lead to damage in the stomach area when used frequently. The damage is caused by a lack of vitamin C in the mucous membrane of the stomach, as it contains high amounts of it.


The Alternatives: Good alternatives can be found in form of food and in form of herbs. To that belongs rampion (against arthritis and back pain), willow bark, which contains acetylsalicylic acid naturally, arnica with the sulfurous compound dimethyl sulfoxide (as ointment), incense, proteolytic enzymes (like bromelain, papain and pancreatic enzymes from animals), turmeric, astaxanthin (a strong antioxidant, which is a plant pigment), omega3-fatty acids and organic sulfur against inflammation. In some countries, even cannabis is an approved analgesic. Another special plant is wild lettuce, which also works as a painkiller.    


5. Antacidsdigestion

Antacids have the task to neutralize the amount of acid in our stomach. This can be the case for gastritis in order to reduce the pain coming from the aggressive gastric juices affecting the damaged mucous membrane or reflux, which can be dangerous by etching the esophagus.

By lowering the acidity level in the stomach the concentration of the gastric juices is lower and therefore its ability to digest the eaten food decreases. Its ability to prepare the food properly to extract the essential vital nutrients will be inhibited and we potentially get fewer micronutrients than possible.

Whereas normal antacids which only neutralize the gastric juices a bit don´t have such a big influence on the metabolism when put down fast, antacids from the group of the proton pump inhibitors influence the gastric metabolism on the cellular level. And when put down the body is trained to produce more and more gastric juices to maintain a high enough concentration and then there will be even more gastric juice than before which makes problems for us by causing a heartburn for example.

And on top, proton pump inhibitors decrease the absorption of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Heartburn in most cases can also not traced back to too much of gastric juices but the opposite. We often get a heartburn when we have eaten much food with high amounts of fat. Our body tries to produce more and more gastric juices so that he is able to digest the food properly. And as there is even less space in the stomach and more gastric juice then normally it can only go the way up.

So don´t eat too much and keep caution of the eaten amount of fat and whether the fat is cheaply deep-fried or hardened which makes the situation even worse.


The Alternatives: Eat mostly fresh and natural food, which is not or at least not highly processed. This includes a high amount of vegetables and salad. Organic food in most cases is the better choice than conventional food. Look at the ingredient list. In tendency as shorter the list is, as less processed the food is. This food/substances can be a helper. Healing earth, herbal teas, algae, apple vinegar, cucumber, broccoli, kale, spinach and radish.


6. Corticosteroids

inflammationCorticosteroids are probably the most commonly used and effective inflammation inhibitors. They are often used to treat rheumatism.

But they also come with several side effects beginning by gaining weight and ending by depleting important essential microelements.

Glucocorticosteroids do not only influence the vitamin C level, but also the levels of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and zinc.


The Alternatives: As to high levels of inflammation the nutrition is of the highest importance. It is very useful to keep the level of omega-3 fatty acids high and the relation of omega-3 to omega-6 (arachidonic acid) about 6:1. This can be done by consuming food with high doses of omega-3-fatty acids like flaxseed and fish-oil, chia seeds and walnut-oil. Moreover, the additional intake of high doses of vitamin C and D should be considered, as they have a high antioxidant potential.

Physical treatments and warmth therapy may also be a good choice.


7. Oral contraceptivescondom

Oral contraception is one of the most often and most commonly used manners to prevent pregnancy. Oral contraceptives for women take effect by influencing the hormone metabolism of estrogen and gestagen and therefore inhibit the release of fertilizable eggs from the ovaries.

They are very effective when taken regularly with a rate of about 1000:3. Only three in thousand women who are taking the pill rightly do get pregnant.

Besides the massive effect of the pill, considering the hormonal metabolism of the women, by often bringing the periodical cycle into chaos, nearly all B vitamins (2, 6, 9 and 12) and vitamin C are needed in higher amounts and the absorption of magnesium and zinc is lowered.


The Alternatives: Besides the very common method of using a condom, which on top protects from sexually transmitted diseases and other questionable methods for men like holding the testies into hot water of 45°C for 45 minutes and eating papaya seeds there is another good method for women who are disciplined and have a regular menstruation cycle. And that is the temperature method which can be combined with the analysis of the cervical mucus. Other methods are the spiral or the diaphragm, but they are not as natural as the temperature method but can be an option if your cycle isn´t regular, you travel a lot or you do shift work.


8. Psychotropic drugs

These drugs are commonly used for people with mental health problems which are severe and for example include the possibility of a suicide.

mental healthThe word psychotropic agent comes from the Old Greek word ψυχή psychḗ which means „soul“ and φάρμακον phármakon which means „medicine“.

This medicine works on the neuronal level of the brain by influencing the serotonin metabolism for example. Serotonin is a hormone which lets us feel joy.

Besides some other side effects like tiredness and a probably increased suicidal potential these drugs lead to a decrease of vitamin B9, B12, D and coenzyme Q10.

With psychotropic drugs, only the symptoms of mental health problems are treated for a moment and are therefore only a transition method often in combination with psychotherapy.

But the base like a healthy lifestyle a reason to live and a supportive living environment in addition to a positive and self-responsible life attitude is indispensable in the long run.


Alternatives: When having severe mental health problems like depression a therapy is definitely the first choice. Moreover, it can be combined with natural/alternative psychotropic substances. There we can find St. John´s wort, lithium, cocoa and ginseng, vitamin D, B12, zinc and omega-3, tryptophan and adenosylmethionine.


9. Cytostaticsdoctor nature

Cancer is just a word but one of the most feared at all. In this case not the zodiac sign is meant but the case where cells somewhere in the body are dividing fast and uncontrolled. Cancer develops when the DNA is damaged and cannot replicate properly. Reasons for this damage range from genetics, to age, toxic or carcinogenic substances, radiation, viruses, a weak immune system, an unhealthy lifestyle with bad food, too less movement, a lack of sleep and smoking.

To stop the uncontrollable cell growth, cytostatics are used, which affect all fast-dividing cells in the body. These drugs are strong toxic substances which also affect the healthy body cells in the stomach, the bladder, the hair roots and the red blood cells.

Due to the massive and strong interference with the human metabolism, severe side effects are usual. Some cytostatics also have a carcinogenic potential too.

Although several gentle alternatives exist using cytostatics is still the most common way to treat cancer. And that can also be seen in the profitable business possibilities.

When getting the diagnosis of cancer the most important way of handling it is to stay calm and counterbalance the opportunities.

If a treatment with cytostatics is not preventable for you then you take action on the following which every person with cancer should do, whether taking cytostatics or not. But when taking them the need for high doses of micronutrients is even higher.


Alternatives: As high amounts of radicals develope in the body when cancer grows high amounts of antioxidants are needed. So it is good to take high doses of vitamin A, C and D. Moreover, it is recommended to follow a low carb nutrition because cancer cells love carbohydrates for their energy metabolism. Another good advice is to implement predominantly juices of fresh green vegetables and vegetable juice. So the best investment would be a great juicing machine. Furthermore, it is important to bring the body in an alkaline state and the acid-base balance in equilibrium. Besides, there are several other possibilities like high doses of mistletoe-extract, detoxification and a gut cure.  


10. Lipid reducers, laxatives and slimming pills

burgerLipid reducers, laxatives and slimming pills are often used for the same purpose, namely of losing weight.

Laxatives are working by reducing the passage time of the food in the digestive tract. But this leads to a decreased absorption of predominantly fat-soluble vitamins and practically all vitamins and minerals.

The resulting deficiency in potassium leads to a slower digestion, which eventually increases the need for new laxatives and a vicious circle begins.

Moreover, dramatic heart problems can be the consequence.

Lipid reducers and slimming pills work by burning fat faster through increased metabolic processes or the excretion of fat or by lowering the appetite and supporting the feeling of fullness for example through swelling agents. The excretion of fat also increases the excretion of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.


Alternatives: As no pill can replace a healthy lifestyle with a good nutrition, movement and enough sleep, you are responsible to implement that. You need a strong why for that.


Wow, that was a huge amount of helpful and considerable information. Hope you can take something here for you. So now you know that in nearly all cases there is an alternative solution besides using chemical substances called medicine, which mostly is a symptom healer, not a holistic healer.

And the next time in this category of “Vita-Thieves” we will be looking on stress and overambition in the last field of this series, field four of the four typical fields I started with in this category.

All in all, we get the occasion to achieve a greater consciousness for our body and all the connection around it. 


And now to you. What was the most interesting fact you learned today? Do you want something to add or do you have additional important information? Then don´t hold it back and let our readers know. Leave a comment below.

See you the next time.

Stay healthy, live healthy.

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