Top Ten Unhealthy Foods and their Healthy Alternatives

Welcome to a new blog post in the category of vita-thieves.

In the last post of this category I presented an overview of 4 typical fields, in which vita-thieves can be divided:

  • Field One – Luxury foods and light drugs √
  • Field Two – Foods and drinks, which are vita-thieves
  • Field Three – Medicine
  • Field Four – Stress and overambitious sport

Now we are switching to field two. And I don´t want to express that the foods and drinks presented today are prohibited. They are just not suitable for a healthy nutrition on a daily basis. If you eat and drink healthy 5-6 days a week, it will be Ok to run riot for one or two days.

Today the main part of the article reveals the top ten unhealthy foods and their healthy alternatives and the main part is structured like this:

  1. sugar
  2. white (wheat) flour
  3. highly processed fats and fats with a bad fatty acids balance
  4. iodized salt, with anticaking agent
  5. highly processed foods
  6. milk
  7. red meat and corned beef with curing salt
  8. soft drinks and fruit juices
  9. cheap meat and fish
  10. canned food

So let´s get started.

1. sugar

Spoon with sugar

Sugar comes in many different types. Beet sugar, malt sugar, white and brown cane sugar, corn syrup (glucose-fructose syrup), fruit sugar or fructose and many more. For me, it is acceptable to call sugar a drug. And that is because through the production of processed sugar the concentration is much higher than in nature and it stimulates our reward center. So we want to have more and more sugar. We like sugar because our ancestors already knew, that food which tastes sweet is seldom poisonous. And that is why children like sweets.

The Alternatives: There are many alternatives. I´ll mention some of them. You can switch to coconut crystals, agave syrup, rice syrup, honey, xylitol or erythritol. The best alternative is to reduce the amount of sugar you eat and your cravings will decrease.


2. white (wheat) flour

wheat flour

You like pasta, pizza, white bread, cereals and cake on a daily basis. Then chances are, that you have a great amount of wheat flour in your diet. Crops like wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oat contain gluten. It´s the glue that makes the pastry stick together. It can also be seen as a drug, as we want more and more of it, in order to satisfy our reward center. It is like a sticky mass in our gut and can prevent nutrients to pass the intestinal wall. As a result, we can feel dizzy and tired. Especially wheat is overbred nowadays and it contains a much higher quantity of gluten than older species like spelt.

The  Alternatives: Mentioned in the text, alternatives with gluten are older species like rye, barley, spelt and oat (also without gluten) and other old species of wheat like einkorn, old emmer and kamut. Alternatives without gluten are rice, corn, amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat. You see, plenty of alternatives are available.


3. highly processed fats and fats with a bad fatty acids balance

burger and French fries

Fats are flavor carrier and energy-rich. But there are some fats, which you should not eat regularly. These include highly processed and hardened fats like margarine, deep-frying fat, canola oil, cookies and peanut butter, which often contain trans fatty acids. Then there are oils like sunflower oil, corn oil and soya oil, which does not have a good fatty acids balance.

The Alternatives: In the section of firm fats there are butter, ghee, coconut fat and pulps of nuts and seeds. In the section of liquid fats there are cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, flaxseed oil, nut oil and seed oil.


4. iodized and fluoridated salt, with anticaking agent

Salt is essential as it contains sodium and chlorine, which helps to balance the pressure (osmotic pressure) in the liquid environment and is responsible for carrying nerve signals. But it can also develop spontaneous addiction (remember eating salty chips or nuts). As it also enhances the flavor of food, we tend to eat too much of it. These big amounts can have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Additionally industrial salt often contains iodine, fluorine and an anticaking agent, which are not natural.

The Alternatives: Good alternatives are Himalayan salt, rock salt and sea salt. A good source of iodine are spinach and algae.   


5. highly processed foods Processed food

Many processed foods contain high amounts of sugar, gluten, highly processed fats and salt. Highly processed foods are fast foods like burgers and French fries, pizza, cakes and sweets. And most convenience food also belongs here.

The Alternatives: Eat mostly fresh and natural food, which is not or at least not highly processed. This includes a high amount of vegetables and salad. Use the alternatives mentioned above. Organic food is in most cases the better choice than conventional food. Look at the ingredient list. In tendency as shorter as the list is, as less processed the food is.


6. milk

Yes, it´s true. There is calcium in it, but the negative characteristics predominate. As milk often is highly treated toMilk
preserve it, many of the good ingredients as well as calcium decline significantly. Moreover, conventional milk contains
drugs, other chemicals and inflammatory substances. Milk promotes slime and it can lead to osteoporosis. Many people cannot even tolerate milk, because they are lacking the enzyme lactose, like more than half of the adult world population.  There is another logic aspect. Milk is intended to nourish baby cows and not human adults. Or do you as an adult like to drink human milk?

The Alternatives: There are plenty of milk alternatives. The range of plant drinks, including crops and nuts, is enormous. There is rice milk,  soy milk, oat milk, spelt milk, buckwheat milk, almond milk, cashew milk, hazelnut milk, macadamia milk, coconut milk, hemp milk. There is something for everyone.


7. red meat and corned beef with curing salt

Red meat contains an iron compound, which increases the potential to develop cancer. Sometimes it is also treated with curing salt to preserve it. There is nitrite in this salt, which can increase the possibility of kidney cancer. Moreover, this meat often is highly processed.

The Alternatives: If you like meat and you cannot go without it, then prefer white, organic meat. Sea and high-sea fish can be another alternative. If you are looking for a source of proteins in a plant-based nutrition, then pulses are a good choice.


8. soft drinks and fruit juices

Most of us know that soft drinks often contain a great amount of sugar and other additives. These can be colorings and Soft drinkflavorings. Phosphate in high doses can attack the bones and the carbon dioxide has the potential to enhance the acid
level in your body.

You may now ask why fruit juices? In this case, it depends on what fruit juice you are drinking. Freshly-squeezed juice is better than juice out of concentrate or with added sugar. But you should keep an eye on your total daily consume. If you are drinking nothing else than fruit juice, then you are getting huge amounts of fruit sugar or fructose. Your blood sugar is going crazy. One or two glasses of juice in a day, but not every day, are totally fine.

Alternatives: Your primal liquid intake should be fresh and pure water. Often it is useful to filter it if you like to drink tap water. Try to avoid water in plastic bottles, which are not bpa-free. Unsweetened tea is another possibility. Everything else should be drunk in moderation.


9. cheap meat and fish

There is so much meat and fish to buy, that we can consume it every day. But most of us don´t want to spend much money on it. This meat and fish mostly it totally unhealthy. In order to produce it for such a low price, the producer has to significantly increase the number of animal individuals and has to speed up the growth rate. And with many animals in one place, the potential for diseases rise. So the animals often get antibiotics. Additionally, the animals get concentrated feed, which has only the growth rate in mind and not their health. Many animals develop disorders in their musculoskeletal system and inflammations occur. So if you are eating such meat and fish, you will also eat the drugs and the inflammatory substances.

Alternatives: As I already described above, choose organic meat and fish, or at least conventional meat and fish, which does not come from livestock farming. I know that this is not very easy to find out. But hey, it is your health. Only you can be responsible for it.      


10. canned food Cans

You don´t have the time to prepare a good, fresh meal. Then don´t use canned food regularly. As the food loses flavor it
often contains high amounts of salt and/or sugar, together with flavorings and flavor enhancer, colorings, acidifiers and preservatives. Be sure to look at the ingredient list before you buy.

Alternatives: For those of you who are very busy, frozen food is the better alternative, cause the food mostly is harvested fresh and then it is frozen immediately. So most of the essential nutrients can be conserved.


Wow that was a lot of great information. Hope you enjoyed it. As we now know what we should not eat regularly, the next time in the category “Tools for Health” we are focusing on the healthiest foods to eat on a daily basis. Be sure to look around. And the next time in this category of “Vita-Thieves” we will be looking on drugs in field three of the four typical fields I started with in this category.

And now to you. What was the most interesting fact you learned today? Do you want something to add or do you have additional important information? Then don´t hold it back and let our readers know. Leave a comment below.

See you the next time.

Stay healthy, live healthy.

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