About Me

Hello everyone, thanks for looking around and congratulations for your interest in getting information about leading a healthier, happier and more fullfiled life. You´ve made the right choice and are at the right place. 

I´m Tobias, your personal health supporter.

At first I like to share some facts about me.

Since school I´m interested in how the human body works and what it needs to be healthy and good working.

As I did my research about a healthy life, I always came across the subject of vitamins and minerals. I learned much about what is essential, where the sources are, why and for whom it is recommended as helpful.

In the past when I felt powerless, it was often the occasion that I suffered from a lack or low amount of certain vitamins and/or minerals.

What I can do for you…

I´m sure what you and I have in common. WE all want to know, how we can live healthier and more powerful.

And that is the reason I created this site.

To support you with quality information about vitamins and minerals, helping you leading a healthy life on a whole new level.

Always feel free to leave your comments. 

To be able to give you high quality content, I´m asking you to get engaged within my site.

That could be emphazising your interest on a particular subject around vitamins and minerals or something you want to know.

Your feedback is very welcome as it gives me the chance to improve my content and information for you.

It excites me to talk about the sources of vitamins and minerals and the benefits of them.


Please note: As I am not a doctor I cannot garantee you a promise of salvation. The best advice I can give you is to trust in the wisdom and the self-regulating forces of your body. If you are unsure you may want to consult a doctor but be sure to always take the full responsability for your health.

There is only one person that is fully interested in your healthiness and that is you.


Wish you the best health you deserve in the best possible life that you want.


Founder of Vitaminarea