It´s sure that you want your health, your vitality at the best possible level at the moments you need it. That is a really subjective and individual definition for everyone of us. It depends on our goals, our dreams, our visions, our environment, the people we are together with, the work we do, the success we get and obviously how we spend our daily life. There comes the significance of our health into the game. How much high quality sleep do we get, to regenerate, to reset, to build paths in our brain and to detoxify. What do we eat throughout the day. Is it mostly vitamin and mineral rich power food, then your body will reward you with lightness and awareness, giving free your potential. And what about your exercise engagement. Whether you are just walking 10.000 steps a day, doing cardio training or you are developing your body strength. Everything helps to boost your metabolism to bring the right vitamins and minerals faster to the right places.

“When you know who your enemy is, the day has structure.” This quote from a german political cabaret artist subscribes the intention of this category in a very good way. Here is everything about vitathieves. So we can conclude that we can structure the security of our home, which is our body if we know our enemy, the thieves of vitamins and minerals. Here you will learn what to avoid not to weaken the foundation of your body, your health.